Glass Samples

Before purchasing your bespoke glass, get some glass samples to make sure you’re completely happy. It’s important to note that glass is light-sensitive so the appearance between an image and an installed item may look slightly different.

We will not be able to replace, exchange or refund products due to colour or wrong size glass once they have been manufactured to your request, as each item is bespoke.

Once you’re all set, we will be ready to carry out your project to the highest standard possible.

Clear glass samples start at £2.99, tinted samples start at £3.99, standard and straight RAL colours are £5.99. Colour-matched and sparkle-effect samples are custom-made and are £8.99 and may take up to 5 working days to arrive.

All of our samples have free postage and packaging, but each customer may only order one of each colour. Please allow 3-6 working days for your samples to arrive.

Clear Glass Samples

When viewed at the glass edge, the appearance of the glass may differ depending on its thickness. Clear glass is the most commonly used glass which has a slight shade of green that becomes more apparent in thicker glass.

Opti Glass is the purest glass available, known as “Crystal Clear”. Yet when viewed from the edges it can appear to have a blue shade.

For a true representation of glass appearance, we recommend ordering some samples. If you’re unsure of what glass may suit you best, just get in touch. Our team is always on hand to assist you.

coloured glass

Coloured Glass Samples

Since we work with a wide range of brands, there are a lot of colours available for your selection. Our coloured glass samples are 6mm thick and take up to 5 working days to create. Note that colour can vary when applied to a larger size and thickness of glass. Cream and white colours can also differ when applied to glass.

If you can’t find the colour you’re looking for, we offer a colour match service. Just provide us with a sample of the colour you’re looking for and we can match it up for you.

Glass & Lighting

Due to the small size of samples, these are produced from non-toughened glass and do not feature polished edges. Glass is very sensitive to lighting, so it is best to position these samples to mimic where your final glass product would be installed, giving you the most accurate impression of how the glass will appear.

When viewing colours online, note that the brightness and contrast of your device will alter the colour. For this reason, please consider online images as approximate guides before ordering your sample.


Tint colours include green, blue, grey and bronze. The density of the tint colour increases as the thickness of the glass increases, which is available in 4mm,6mm and 10mm. Tinted samples are also available as frosted or opaque.

We also stock contemporary, art deco, vintage and modern mirror glass for all tastes and styles. Mirrors can be produced to look vintage, with subtle hues of green and bronze. Providing a variety of mirror samples can take up to 4-5 working days.

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