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Our Post & Rail balconies are made from quality glass and steel fittings. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas, as well as residential and commercial applications, your new beautifully finished and durable balustrade provides the level of safety required to meet all regulations.

We offer quick response times to queries, as well as being available to offer design advice on your custom design glass products. With our team of glass experts, each of our products are quality checked before despatch to ensure complete satisfaction. Download our brochure to see our range of glass balustrades that can be customised to the style you require.


Create that open space feel with our popular Juliet balcony.

Base & Rail

Enjoy uninterrupted views with a bordered finish with our Base & Rail.

Button Fix

Our button fix offers an elegant and frameless look.

Post & Rail System

Our Post & Rail system is a highly customisable and dynamic balustrade, compliant with building regulations and suitable for every situation and setting. This modern combination of stainless steel and glass system can be fitted both indoors and outdoors with full safety.

Our Post & Rail system consists of stainless steel 316 grade that is 42.4mm in diameter, 48mm is available on request. Within this system, satin, mirror polished or powder-coated finish are available.

Frameless XV System

Our Frameless XV balustrade is a great choice for providing uninterrupted views of your open space in both residential and commercial applications. They are completely frameless and therefore provide an ultra-modern feel with the base fittings neatly covered for a professional feel.

All of our balconies can be configured to your specific needs while adhering to all required regulations. If you want to learn more about TGP, safety and our quality guarantee, learn more in our brochure or just get in touch below.

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Our balustrade is constructed from lightweight and extremely durable anodised aluminium, suitable for use indoors, outdoors and in both residential and commercial situations.

The channel can be top fixed or fascia mounted to brick, concrete, steel or wood with the appropriate fitting. Optional stainless steel square or round slotted handrails are also available with our frameless channels, as well as a powder-coated finish.

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